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Student Massage Clinic

Hours of Operation
Mon.-Thurs. 9:00-9:00 PM
Fri. & Sat. 9:00-4:30 PM
Closed on Major Holidays
For an appointment call, (817) 838-3800
How To Enhance Your Treatment Experience

You'll feel more comfortable if you don't eat for two hours before your session.
Draping will be employed.
Let your therapist know if you have any medical or physical conditions that might contraindicate certain types of treatment.
Remove any unnecessary jewelry that could cause scratching or interfere with having a smooth massage.
If you wear glasses or contact lenses, consider removing them. It may add to your relaxing experience.
If you're concerned about getting oil on your hair, inform your therapist. You won't want to miss out on a scalp massage!
Quieting yourself will allow you to tune in to your experience and relax more deeply. Do give your therapist feedback regarding your experience and feel free to ask any questions you'd like.
Breathe deeply and regularly, stressing your exhalation. Imagine your body becoming heavy and sinking into the table or mat. As the therapist locates areas of tension, consciously allow yourself to breath and relax into those areas.
Sometimes during a massage or other type of treatment emotions will surface. It may be of great benefit to release and work through them if you feel comfortable doing so.

Printable Spa Brochure

Massage Therapy    
Chair Massage
When you are in a hurry and need a quick fix. A minimum of 10 min. please.
1 Hour Swedish Massage A gentle, relaxing full body massage.   $1.00/min
With a graduate student   $1.00/min
1.5 Hour Swedish Massage
This 80 minute session allows for more
focused time on specific areas of tension and stress.
Deep Tissue Therapy
A form of therapeutic massage which releases tight muscles and eases muscle discomfort and strain.
1.5 Hour Deep Tissue   $100.00
Specialized Therapeutic Massage
Suffering from extreme pain or increased tension? Experience relief with Trigger Point or Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques.
Prenatal Massage
Helps reduce the fatigue, headaches, swelling
and edema associated with pregnancy, preparing
the body for the stresses of labor and delivery.
Hot Stone Massage
A technique utilizing heated river stones and
warmed essential oils to deeply massage the
body sending one into a greater state of relaxation.
Synchronized Massage
The best way to experience two hours of bodywork in only one hour. This service is performed by two massage therapists providing a 1 hour Swedish massage at the same time.
Body Essentials    
Moist Hot Pack
A ten minute application of moist heat to the
upper back prior to your massage.
Hand Paraffin Treatment
An application of warmed paraffin.
Hydro-Latte Foot Bath
Ease your tired toes into this warm, relaxing milk bath. Add this on to any service.
Calming Milk Bath
Immerse your body and moisturize your skin.
Sport Bath
Ease your tired body and aching muscles.
Full Body Dry Loofah
An exfoliating treatment that detoxifies. Followed with an application of moisturizing lotion.
Salt Glow/Body Polish
Soothe the body and renew the skin with this
exfoliating treatment.
Body Wraps    
All body wraps are designed to nourish, remineralize, detoxify, and/or moisturize the skin. Each treatment is preceded by a full body dry loofah and followed with an application of hydrating cream.
Aloe Wrap
Designed specifically to soothe dry, damaged skin.
Aroma Wrap
Immerse yourself from head to toe in a warm
thermal wrap of essential oils.
Herbal Detox Body Wrap
A luxurious body treatment that envelopes you with hot oils and steamed towels detoxifying the body as you are wrapped in a thermal “cocoon”.
Chocolate & Cherry Body Wrap
Envelop your senses in this warm application of dark chocolate and cherry cordial.
Fangocean Warm Oil and Mud Wrap
Remineralize the body with the application of creamy, volcanic mud. Enjoy a warm shower followed by an application of warmed essential
Seaweed Body Wrap
Detoxify and remineralize the body with this soothing application of warmed sea mud.
Parafango Body Wrap
Enjoy this unique blend of Fangocean mud and paraffin. Designed specifically to detoxify and tone the skin. This specialized treatment begins with a skin enriching body polish followed by the application of the Parafango blend and finished with an application of nourishing body milk. The Parafango has been known to provide inch loss results.
Parafango Cellulite Reduction   Call
Ko-Bi-Do Japanese Stone Facial
This specialized facial is an advanced version of the European Facial. It is performed utilizing distinct hand manipulation techniques to aid in the removal of toxins from the face, firming and toning, and enhancing energy.
Paraffin Facial
A European Facial with the added benefit of a moisturizing application of paraffin.
European Facial
An incredibly deep cleansing and toning of the skin, which incorporates the use of both hot and cool stones .
Foot Reflexology
A method that relaxes the body through the application of steamed towels and pressure to specific areas of the feet that refer to specific organs and body systems.
Ear Candling
This relaxing technique has been used for ages to remove excess wax and fluids from the ears.
Polarity Therapy
A form of energy-based bodywork. The purpose is to find the energy blockages and release energy to normal flow patterns.
The use of hand pressure and manipulative techniques to balance the body’s physical structure and its natural inner energies.
Spa Packages    
Hydro-Latte Foot Bath, Euphoria Glow, and Swedish Massage
2.5 Hours

Hydro Tub Bath, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Reflexology, and a Chocolate-Mint European Facial
3 Hours

Chocolate Decadence
Mocha-Latte Foot Bath, Chocolate Body Glow, Chocolate Body Wrap, Hot Stone Massage, and a Chocolate European Facial
4.5 Hours

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